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General Roofing Company has a wide variety of residential roofing services to meet your every need. Our knowledge and capabilities, coupled with our long history make us the ideal roofing company to perform your job.

Residential Roofing Services We Offer

(All types of roofs)

Composition Shingles:

30 Year 3-Tab
30 Year Dimensional
40 Year Dimensional
50 Year Premium
Limited Lifetime
Premium Limited Lifetime

Roofing Products

Factory approved and authorized installer for:

CertainTeed -
is a leading manufacturer of quality building materials.
We are a CertainTeed Installer.  Qualified to offer extended warranties. www.certainteed.com  Select Shingle Roofer Status**

Elk Peak Performance Contractor

IB Roof Systems
Authorized Installer


Built-up Roof Systems:

Tar & gravel
Smooth surface reflective coatings
Mineral surface
Modified bitumen (mopped,  torched and self-adhered).
Complete tapered roof systems customized to promote drainage.

**Factory Approved & Authorized**

CertainTeed Gold Star Applicator

*Ask about the California “Cool Roof” rebate!

Single-Ply system / IB authorized Installer.

Tile Roofs:

  • Concrete (all types)
  • Spanish style tops & pans
  • Light weight (all types)

Wood Roof Systems:

  • Install Class A fire rated wood roof systems for shake and wood shingle roofs.
  • Install Class B fire rated wood roof systems for shake and wood shingle roofs.
  • Install Class C fire rated wood roof systems for shake and wood shingle roofs.

Roof Repair
(All types of roof repairs)

Composition shingles
Wood shakes
Wood shingles


Repairs to all styles of vent flashings and skylights.

Roof Maintenance
Perform roof maintenance on the following systems:

Composition shingles

~ Shake
~ Shingle
~ Tar & gravel
~ Modified Bitumen
~ Mineral Surfaced
~ Single-ply

The maintenance will address defects in the roof systems including the skylights, flashings and gutters.

Skylight Installation & Repair

Provide and install new skylights (Traditional & Tubular).

Ventilation Systems

Designed to promote the proper attic ventilation as required by manufacturers and the Uniform Building Codes.

  • Ridge vents
  • Simpson style low profile attic vents
    Soffit vents
  • Thermostatically controlled attic fans
  • -Energy efficient solar attic fans

Gutter Installation & Repair

Remove and dispose of the debris from the gutters. Gutters and downspouts will be flushed to ensure that they are clog-free and working property Re-sealing of leaky seams is also available.

  • Install Galvanized OG Gutters and Fascia.

  • Install Aluminum OG Gutters and Fascia.

  • Install Copper Gutters.

  • Install Bonderized Gutters.

  • Gutter Repairs

Polyester Style Walk Decks

Install new polyester style walk decks. Repair and maintain existing walk decks. (Re-caulk, re-coat etc.)

We are looking forward to demonstrating to you why we are the premier roofing contractor in the Bay Area. Click here for your Free Estimate.

Contractor's State License No: 154732

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