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Roof Maintenance Programs


General Roofing’s Maintenance Programs are designed to help prolong the life of your roof system. Regular maintenance will aid in keeping your system in good condition to help ensure it reaches its typical life expectancy. Proactive service can reduce the possibility of interior damage; may assist in preventing premature deterioration of your roof system caused by water damage, or other issues caused by roof leaks. Your roof is an investment and maintenance is an essential part of its care. Remember, you should only allow a licensed roofer to work on your system.

The Maintenance Agreement options include review of the entire system, two to four times per year. Each Maintenance Program is tailored to the property’s size, roof type and condition. After the inspection and work has been performed, a copy of the detailed report with photos will be submitted.

Typical Programs

  • Review of all components of the of the entire roof surface.
  • Review of all pipe penetrations and vents.
  • Review of all flashings, metals, gutters and downspouts.
  • Items requiring minor repair will be sealed.
  • Removal and disposal of all debris on the roof surface.
  • Cleaning of all of the components of the gutter system and removal of the debris.
  • Flushing of all downspouts.
  • A complete Roof Report detailing the condition of the roof, work completed, recommended follow-up, and any photographs of roof conditions as needed.
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All minor defects found during the inspection will receive proper and permanent repairs


Any additional work or repairs required during the contract period will receive priority scheduling. General Roofing Company has a 24/7 emergency service available for our valued Roof Maintenance Program customers. 

Take care of your roof investment.​

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