Commercial Flat Roof Benefits
flat roof

When choosing a roofing system for your building, there are two primary choices: steep slope roofs and flat roofs. Steep slope roofs are typically used for residential and historical roofing, while flat roofs are generally less than 14 degrees. However, if you own a property in the commercial space, it’s best to install a flat roof to your facility.  There are many benefits of a flat roofing system; read our blog to learn more about the system’s best features.

Save Money With Flat Roofs 

Roofing repairs and total replacements can be quite an investment. Flat roofs, however, offer some advantages that help offset the cost.


There are fewer materials overall for a flat roof installation, saving on costs. However, labor and expertise still cost money, and hiring professionals with good references is paramount in getting a great roof that lasts.


Another plus to flat roofs is that many different coatings have been developed to offset the weather, depending on the area you live in. In California, we see a great deal of full sun in the Bay area, and there are special coatings that can reduce the overall temperature of the roof, up to 50 degrees, in some cases. Decreasing the roof temperature then lowers the demand for air conditioning use, cutting energy costs exponentially.

Additionally, more and more facilities are including coatings on their commercial properties due to the cost of replacement and the logistics in procuring materials needed to perform a flat roof replacement.

Increase Accessibility With Flat Roofs 

Roof repairs can also be a costly expenditure, depending on how steep the pitch is and how high up your building goes. With a flat roof, maintenance is made significantly easier. Tools, materials, and repair people can sometimes easily access and work on a flat roof with little trouble. But again, this depends on the height of the building, ease of access, etc.

Create Space With Flat Roofs 

Though some residential buildings in urban areas have already taken advantage of this perk, flat roofing is most practical for commercial or industrial properties because the systems increase the amount of room for storage, data centers, and even leisure areas. Although this is dependent on the architecture of the building which dictates whether storage, data centers, or leisure areas are an option. In neighborhoods, flat roofs are often converted into shared green spaces.

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