Commercial Roofing Mistakes Building Owners Make
Commercial Roofing Mistakes Building Owners Make

Whether it’s ignoring the signs of disrepair or purchasing the wrong roofing system, these mistakes can cost you a small fortune. If you want to make sure that you’re making the best investment when it comes to maintaining your commercial property’s roof, then you’ll want to avoid these costly commercial roofing mistakes.

Not Considering The Lifetime Cost Of The Commercial Roof

As the old saying goes, “if you buy cheap, you buy twice.” This is especially true with commercial roofing systems. One mistake the building owners can make that will cost them more money, in the long run, is not investing in a quality roofing system.

Building owners tend to do this because they prefer to save $10, 000 today without considering that over the lifetime of the roof, it may end up costing them $80, 000 more than it would if they purchased a higher quality roofing system.

Not Considering How Much You’ll Save On Energy Bills

In addition to the cost of repairing and maintaining a commercial roofing system, there are other financial considerations that business owners need to make when purchasing a roofing system. A quality roof can provide additional insulation to a building; reducing energy waste and keeping your bills lower. Of course, these systems may cost more upfront, but the saving you see in the long-term are well worth the investment.

Ignoring Leaks

As we move through the winter and into the early months of the year, roof leaks due to the rain will be easier to notice leaks in roofs that need repair. While it is easy to ignore these leaks as soon as the rain stops, a leaking roof can be a sign that there may be more preventative maintenance needed.

Not Doing Any Preventative Maintenance

One of the biggest commercial roofing mistakes that building owners make is avoiding any preventative maintenance expenses that could save them money in the long run by preventing major repairs. This is often a short-sided approach to saving money that prioritizes saving a few thousand dollars today without considering that a later repair may cost tens (if not hundreds) of thousands of dollars down the road.

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