How to Avoid Costly Roof Repairs
How to Avoid Costly Roof Repairs

Costly roof repairs — they can be a headache to deal with but they’re a problem that only gets more expensive the more you put it off. That’s the reality of owning your building whether you are a homeowner or a business owner. Fortunately, there are ways that you can prevent costly roof repairs that are much easier and more affordable to manage. Here’s how!

Schedule Regular Inspections and Maintenace

Regular checkups. You visit your dentist and your doctor a few times a year just to make sure that everything is sound and working as intended, so why aren’t you scheduling regular roof inspections? About every 6-12 months you should have your roofing company come out to inspect the roof for any signs of wood rot, leaking and water damage, and debris that could cause damage in the future.

Don’t Wait to Make Minor Repairs

If you do notice any damage, no matter how minor it may seem, try to avoid putting those repairs off until they become too severe to ignore as these kinds of repairs will typically warrant a higher bill due to the increase in work that needs to be done and the potential urgency which it needs to be dealt with. While the initial repair may cost a few hundred dollars, neglecting the issue may result in secondary damages that would drive your repair costs through the roof.

Keep Your Gutters and Downspouts Clear of Blockages

In addition to inspecting your roof and keeping up with routine commercial roofing maintenance, it’s important to make sure that you clear out any debris that could back up your gutters and spouts. Your roof’s gutter system is intended to guide water off the roof to prevent standing water that can seep into your roof causing water damage and rot. When the gutter system is backed up it can cause water to pool on your roof which can not only lead to water damage but the excess weight on your roof can lead to the roof warping and lifting.

Call General Roofing Co. For Expert Commercial Roofing Services

Avoiding costly roof repairs can be as simple as calling General Roofing Co. for all of your annual inspections and maintenance services. Our experienced team can help you stay ahead of costly repairs by identifying potential issues before they require a complete commercial roof replacement. And if your roof does require a complete overhaul, our technicians provide the highest quality work to ensure that we get the job done right— the first time. Contact General Roofing Co. today to schedule your next roof inspection.