What Does Commercial Roof Maintenance Include?
commercial roof maintenance

Before you commit to a regular commercial roof maintenance plan, you may be curious as to what all this service includes. While every roof may require a different approach, the basis of the process remains the same. Let’s take a look at what a commercial roof maintenance program might look like for your business! 


Every commercial roof maintenance appointment starts with a thorough inspection of the current condition of your roof. Our experienced roof technicians will take a deep dive into the infrastructure of your commercial or industrial roof in order to get a bigger picture of what services you may be in need of. 

These inspections can involve assessing any potential water damage on the inside of your commercial building by looking for staining or sagging in your ceiling. Professional roofers will also look at the material your roof is comprised of and the state that it is in. This can involve noting any damage the roof has experienced, such as cracking or warping. In addition, inspections typically will take note of any pooling water and any issues with seals or connections. 


Once the inspection has been completed, the commercial roofing expert can complete a full diagnostics report. This is essentially a summary of all the findings that resulted from the finished inspection. It can include specifications on where cracks or leaks have occurred, clarification on why certain issues are happening, information on what problems may potentially come up, and more. This in-depth diagnostics report is beneficial for knowing what your next steps in your commercial roof maintenance plan are. 

Suggestions & Solutions

Also beneficial to knowing what your next steps are is the invaluable guidance your commercial roof maintenance expert will provide to you following their inspection and diagnostics. Their combination of experience and knowledge results in an actionable list of suggestions and proposed solutions for treating any and all of the issues that were diagnosed with your commercial roof. 

A commercial roofing professional should not only inform you of where the problems lie, but also how they can be resolved. If a repair is recommended, your technician should be able to give you an idea of why they are suggesting that and a ballpark of how much time and money it will take to get it done. Similarly, if a replacement or a re-roofing is recommended, your technician should be able to give you an idea of why this option is better than repairing it and may be able to provide you with an estimate.


If minor repairs and fixes need to be completed, the technician can typically perform these at the time of the maintenance. If they cannot be completed at that time, then a plan for implementation is typically created. This usually is the case if major repairs or an entire commercial roof replacement is the desired course of action. If there is no need for repairs, then implementation may simply involve scheduling your next maintenance service. 

Why Commercial Roof Maintenance with General Roof?

Commercial roof maintenance is essential to identify potential problems early and prevent them from becoming more serious and expensive. General Roofing Company recommends you have your roof inspected on a regular basis. Even if your roof appears to be in good condition, a careful inspection may reveal less obvious damage. Your best defense against any damage is a preventative commercial roof maintenance program.

Most roofing manufacturer warranties require that all components of a roof receive regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance. If the roof is not properly maintained, the warranty may become invalid. General Roofing Company will evaluate your roof and design a commercial roof maintenance program to extend the life of your roof and protect your home or business investment. Get in touch with us today!