What Is the Importance of Commercial Roof Repairs?
What Is the Importance of Commercial Roof Repairs?

Many property owners shy away from roof repairs because they do not want to think about the potentially expensive cost of fixing something that is out of sight and out of mind. Unfortunately, ignoring potential roof damage can only get worse over time which will inevitably lead to more expensive repairs. By understanding the importance of commercial roof repairs, you can save significantly over the lifetime of your roofing system.

Commercial Roofing Inspections and Maintenance Help You Save On Major Repairs

Every year, your roof will experience normal wear and tear from the elements: pouring rain, high winds, and blaring sun—all of which can weaken the materials of your roof and expose your building to secondary damages. Now, most roofs will come with a 15- or 30-year warranty and you shouldn’t expect very much damage early on if the roof was installed by professionals. That being said, it’s important to have your roof inspected regularly. Most inspections are done annually or bi-annually.

These inspections can save you a lot of money in the long run because it is much more cost-efficient to identify problems early enough to where simple maintenance can prevent small issues from becoming major repairs.

Signs You Need Commercial Roof Repairs

So, let’s say that you’ve hired a professional roofing contractor to inspect your commercial roof. What are they looking for? What are the signs that you may need maintenance or repairs on your roof?


The first sign that your roof may be compromised and need repairs is blistering. Blistering is more common with some roofing materials than others, like shingles, but it can be a sign that moisture is trapped beneath the roofing materials. When this moisture is trapped beneath the roof, the pressure from heat will cause the roof to expand outward leaving visible pockets. If left unchecked these blisters can result in water damage and uneven roofing.

Gaps in Flashing

Roof Flashing is essential to prevent leaks on areas of your roof that may be more susceptible to permitting water from entering your home. Typically, roof flashing will be installed near facia, around vents, and pipes in order to seal off openings. When there are gaps in flashing, your roof will be more likely to experience drainage issues that lead to water damage. Identifying this issue early on may prevent more extensive damage.

Standing Water and Intrusion

Standing water can be a nightmare to deal with on your commercial roof. When a roof’s drainage system is obstructed or improperly installed, it can cause water to pool on the roof, rotting wood, causing materials to rust, and creating the perfect conditions for hazardous mold to thrive in. Standing water is usually the result of some other issue, but it is one of the more common reasons for a commercial roof replacement.

General Roofing Co. East Bay Commercial Roofing Repairs

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