Why A DIY Roof Repair Is a Bad Idea
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DIY roof repairs are not recommended for several reasons, here’s just a few:

First, roof repairs require specialized tools and skills that most people do not possess. In addition, knowledge of roofing techniques and local building codes and regulations is also important. This ensures that the job is done correctly and safely.

Secondly, roof repairs can be dangerous for those without the proper safety equipment and precautionary measures in place.

Professional Roofing Contractors Have Proper Safety Training

What’s the difference between a professional roofing contractor and a DIY contractor? Well, for starters, there is a significant difference in the training and experience that a professional roofing contractor receives. Professionals are trained and equipped to do roof repairs and maintenance safely and correctly the first time. This limits the risk of injury and damage caused by the contractors. On the other hand, DIY contractors may lack the experience, safety training, and safety equipment to complete a job safely and correctly.

Thirdly, roof repairs can be very expensive if done incorrectly and can lead to further damage to the roof and home, including water damage to the interior of the home, mold growth and structural damage to the roof itself. In addition, incorrect roof repairs can lead to costly repairs down the line if the problem is not addressed properly.

DIY Contractors Won’t Offer Warranties on Your New Roof

When factoring in the cost of a new roof, you should also consider what the cost of repairs and replacements may be in years to come. The difference between paying nothing and paying for repairs out of pocket will be how good of a warranty you have. When you DIY your roof maintenance, you won’t have a warranty to fall back on if anything goes wrong. On the other hand, we offer top-of-the-line warranties direct from the manufacturer to ensure the highest quality service to each of our customers.

Finally, roof repairs should be left to professionals to ensure the job is done correctly and to maintain the integrity of the roof. One section of the roof not being installed or repaired properly could compromise the integrity of the entire roof.

Because they are the professionals, they will know exactly what roofing materials, etc would be the best for your home (composition shingles, metal, built-up, single-ply, tile, wood, slate, etc). 

Professional Roofing Companies Will Have Access to Better Materials at Better Prices

One thing that homeowners don’t realize is that hiring a professional roofing contractor can often be a more cost-effective option than hiring a DIY contractor. The idea that hiring an amateur will save you money because they charge less for labor is simply incorrect because what you save in labor you will pay for in time, materials, and mistakes.

A professional roofing company will be able to purchase better quality materials in larger quantities, which drives the price of materials down. Those savings are then passed on to the customer.

Why am I experiencing leaks? Here are some common causes:

Time, combined with weather, breaks down the existing roof surface. 

  • Weathered underlayment
  • Cracked flashings
  • Clogged gutters
  • Cracked chimney
  • Damaged or missing shingles
  • Aged sealants
  • Condensation in your attic

Let’s face it, leaks never occur at a convenient time. By contacting a professional, often they can provide on the spot temporary covers and will expedite permanent repairs whenever possible to help minimize damage. 

This can allow you time to contact your home warranty company to get a claim started. Home insurance typically covers roof damage when it is caused by a sudden and accidental event such as a storm, fire, or vandalism. The extent of coverage depends on the specific policy and the type of roof damage.

So what may have started out as a simple DIY repair, has now become a costly replacement. This is one of those things that should just be left to the professionals.

A professional roofing company will get to the root cause of why your roof is leaking, you will only be putting a temporary bandaid on it.  They can evaluate the situation and determine the real problem.

Roof Maintenance

In addition, you can avoid costly leaks by having your roof inspected on a regular basis. The professionals at General Roofing will be able to identify potential problems early and prevent them from becoming more serious and expensive.  They can also design a Maintenance Program to extend the life of your roof and protect your home investment.

A Guaranteed Outcome

Last but not least, one perk to hiring a professional roofing contractor for your residential roof repairs is that you are guaranteed a quality outcome. You can typically view pictures of past projects they have completed and are ensured of the highest standards that you are paying for.

When you choose to complete your roof repair project on your own, you never know what you will end up with. Your inexperience and unfamiliarity with the materials and the installation or maintenance process can leave you with an undesirable outcome. 

When it comes time to repair, maintain, or replace your residential roof, contact the professionals at General Roofing. We have been in the business for years and will make sure that you end up with a roof that meets all your residential needs.