Your Commercial Roof is Leaking: Now What?
commercial roof leak

As a business owner, protecting your assets, products, equipment, and technology is crucial.  If you’re experiencing a leak in your ceiling it could cost you thousands to repair, thousands to replace your damaged items, and possibly injure someone due to the wet floor. Do you know what to do in the case of a commercial roof leak?

We have already covered some of these causes of roof leaks, but we wanted to dive a little deeper and discuss what to do if they happen, and how to prevent them from happening in the first place. Let’s take a look!

Common Commercial Roofing Problems 

We never know when a problem with our roof might arise. All we know is that when we hear the dripping of water on the floor or the look of the ceiling cracked or discolored with water damage that there is an issue. 

It’s important to know how leaking roofs occur and why they happen in the first place in order to know how to properly address them. Below are a few common issues that will cause a commercial roof to leak and how to handle the situation. 

Ponding Water

Because the majority of commercial roofs are flat, water can start to pool and pond on the surface. Yes, ponding water does mean that your roof is holding steady against water coming in, however, if left, overtime the water will cause damage and ultimately lead to a leak. 

What To Do

If you see areas of your roof with ponding water, remove the water as soon as possible or contact your roof technician to drain and inspect the area. They will also be able to help prevent the water from ponding again. 

Seam Damage

Many commercial roofs contain seams or “membranes” that bond the roof together, and run around the edges and outsides of vents and other rooftop equipment. 

Through general wear and tear, seams can become damaged and worn away which allows water to seep through the cracks and into the roof. 

What To Do

In this situation, it is necessary to call your roof technician. They are equipped with the correct tools and materials to take care of the seam issue and prevent it from leaking further. 

Damaged or Rusted Flashing

Along with the seams around the rooftop objects and equipment like vents, pipes, and A/C units, there are, in most cases, aluminum sheets that go around these items as an extra level of protection. Again, water, general wear and tear, and weather can damage, rust, and corrode these sheets causing a space for water to get through. 

What To Do

Again, in a situation like this, you would call your roof technician and they would inspect the damage and replace the sheet properly to prevent any further issues. 

Preventative Maintenance Saves Money

Like cars, equipment, and even the human body, a roof needs to be inspected to ensure that it is holding steady. The common issues above can be prevented by yearly roof inspections. 

When our team at General Roof comes to perform a commercial roof inspection, they know all the sensitive areas to look for and can repair and replace anything they need to complete the job and keep the building and the staff and the assets safe from harm. 

Let Us Help

For almost a century, we here at General Roof have been the experts in the commercial roofing industry. We want our clients to know that their business is safe under our roof. Our clients receive the benefit of 24/7 365 emergency customer service to help you handle any roof situation that might occur. If you’re in need of a commercial roof repair, leak repair, complete installation, or inspection of your current roof, connect with us today.