Top 5 Reasons You Will Need Commercial Roof Repair
commercial roof repair

At General Roofing Co., we help business owners maintain the appearance and value of their commercial buildings by offering expert commercial roof repair and inspection. Scheduling routine commercial roof inspections and maintenance can provide you with peace of mind knowing that your commercial investments are maintaining their appearance, their structural integrity, and their value.

When to Perform Commercial Roof Repair

The most common reason for any roofing repair leaks. Other common problems include damaged and rotting roof materials. Moreover, as the building gets older, the roof gets old and worn out as well. Once you observe damages to your commercial roofing systems, it is time to perform a roofing repair. The following are some commercial roofing issues you will encounter.

Commercial Roofing Issues

Roof leaks are a common problem for commercial buildings. They can cause serious damage to the building itself and also affect the surrounding area. If you want to prevent these issues from happening, then you should hire a professional company for a roofing systems inspection. Here are the common commercial roof problems to look out for:

  • Leaks
  • Moss buildup
  • Broken Gutters
  • Cracks
  • Critters
  • Ponding water

Why You Need to Perform a Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roofing is a big investment for businesses. If you want to ensure that your building has a long life, then you should invest in commercial roofing inspection and repair. Here are 5 reasons why you will need commercial roof repair in the future:

1. Protect Your Employees and Tenants

Property owners of a commercial building, are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for everyone who uses the building. This includes ensuring that the roof of your commercial building is in great condition. When the roof of a building is neglected, minor damages can become larger issues; leaks can lead to water damage, water damage can lead to mould and mildew, and holes in the roof can invite pests indoors. This may require you to replace large sections of your commercial roof.

2. Maintain the Property Value of Your Commercial Building

A commercial building is an asset. Hopefully, one that appreciates year after year. Commercial roof repairs can ensure that your building maintains its value by getting ahead of any issues that would diminish the appearance or structural integrity of the building. Roofs are naturally going to take a beating from the elements – rain, sun damage, and wind can all take their toll over time.

3 & 4. Reduce the Risk of Secondary Damage / Save Money on Emergency Repairs

Don’t let small roof leaks become big problems! When it comes to repairing a damaged roof, being proactive and having the roof inspected often can help you identify leaks and roof damage before emergency repairs are necessary. This can prevent a small leak from turning into extensive water damage. It can also help save money by avoiding emergency repairs that are sure to be more expensive due to the severity of the damage and the immediate need to be repaired or replaced. By waiting until there is a hole in the ceiling, you are guaranteeing that you will need to spend on bigger repairs at once.

5. Prevent Damage from Solar Panel Installations

As many businesses take steps towards becoming more environmentally sustainable, solar panels are becoming more and more common solutions. There are also quite a few financial incentives for installing solar panels that businesses can take advantage of. While there are plenty of reasons for investing in solar for your commercial building, sometimes the roof can be damaged during the installation process. This is damage that you may not become aware of for many years after the fact. If you have had solar panels installed, it’s important to have your roof inspected by a professional commercial roof repair company. Catching damages early on can prevent leaks and damage from the elements from getting out of hand.

How to Avoid Commercial Roof Replacement

Commercial Roof Inspection

A commercial roof is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions such as rain, snow, wind and extreme temperatures. Commercial roofs are also built to last. However, roof inspections and roof maintenance should be a scheduled routine. Inspecting your roof at least twice a year helps you identify potential problems before they become major issues or already critical roofing issues that may result in a complete commercial roof replacement. Spring and fall are the best seasons of the year for a roof inspection.

Once you observe any of the mentioned commercial roofing issues above, it is best to immediately contact your local roofing company.

Learn more about common roofing issues and commercial roof inspection here.

Immediate Commercial Roof Repair

Commercial roofs are often overlooked until they start leaking or developing other problems. The good news is that roofing repairs are relatively inexpensive compared to replacing the entire roof. Make sure to immediately repair your roof once your roof inspector uncovers damages and suggests you do so.

Debris Removal

Gutters are important parts of your building. They collect rainwater and direct it away from your building. Gutters also prevent water damage to your commercial property.

However, they can become clogged over time. This causes water to back up into the downspouts and eventually overflow onto your roof. If you don’t clean them regularly, debris can build up inside the gutter system. This can cause leaks and other problems. This is why debris removal prevents premature commercial roof replacement. Depending on your location, cleaning your roof of debris should be done either annually, bi-annually, or quarterly.

Walk Pads and Roof Coating

To give your roof an extra layer of protection and extend the life of your roof, walk pads and roof coating are also available options. Roof specialists will evaluate if a roof coating applies to your roof (usually appropriate for smooth or semi-smooth, commercial flat roof surfaces) while walk pads can be installed if there is consistent traffic on your roof and to protect it from hail, pests and rodents.

Commercial Roofing Repair Process

A commercial repair would start with an inspection. The inspection would include inspecting the interior and exterior of the building to check for damage. Once your roofing contractor finds that repairs are needed, they will create a plan of action and draw up an estimate for the work. This will include details on the existing condition of the roof, the cost of materials and labor for the job, the recommended repairs and the timeline for the work. Your repair process will begin after these initial processes are completed.

Commercial Roof Repair Las Vegas

If you’re looking for a commercial roofing contractor to repair your roof in Las Vegas, look no further than our team at General Roofing. We have years of experience working on all types of commercial roofs, and we’re always here to help. Contact us now to get started.